My Latest CBD Finds: 10 Products Worth Your Time

My Latest CBD Finds: 10 Products Worth Your Time

I became a champion of the CBD movement after it helped my husband when little else did. The scientist in me needed to learn more, so I started researching CBD further. Then I signed up for a program so I could become certified as a holistic cannabis practitioner—I knew I needed to learn everything I could to try to understand CBD. The entire time I was working on my certification, I continued to see drastic changes in my practice, and everything I learned reinforced what I saw with my own eyes.

Since then it’s been an amazing ride seeing where CBD has taken my practice, but more importantly, my husband and family. From my husband’s softgels that he takes every day, to the salves I rub on my daughters’ sore muscles from ice skating, to the powder I take during my marathon days, I’m so grateful for new discoveries. 

Check out my latest discoveries below. Which ones have tried? Tell us about your experience in the comments! 


Sleep Booster

There’s one man I trust when it comes to all my sleep questions, and that’s Dr. Michael Breus. Lucky for me, he’s recently created a new sleep supplement with CBD, valerian root, melatonin and more. Plus it’s a spray, so it’s easy to use right before bed.

Daily Habit

Full-Spectrum CBD Powder

Full disclosure: I’m the co-founder of Daily Habit. This is my baby. When I was looking for a CBD product to recommend to my wellness clients, I couldn’t find one that met my entire practice’s needs. So I made my own. Daily Habit provides 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD that easily mixes with any beverage. The day starts well when I use it in my morning coffee.

Gara Skin Care

Youth Serum

I like to keep my routine simple because the more I add, the less likely I am to do any of it. But I keep finding time to use this serum because of how it makes my skin feel. I love that the company uses full-spectrum CBD combined with other herbs like calendula and carrot seed.

Humble Flower Co.

Relief Balm

For bruising, aches and pains, I’ve been using arnica, a sort of European sunflower, for years. It only makes sense to combine it with CBD, and Humble Flower Co. has done just that. It’s meant for post-workout or after a bad night of sleep when the neck hurts.

Not Pot 

Vegan CBD Gummies

These vegan gummies are so much fun. The brand is really playful, but it’s all seriousness behind the scenes with its scientific testing and charitable donations to The Bail Project.

Plant Alchemy CBD

CBD Saffron Face Cream

Getting through the winters in New York City is always tough on my skin. The combination of CBD oil and saffron in this product feels so luxurious and soothing, and emerging research is exploring CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory benefits.

PlusCBD Oil

Softgels – Raw

My husband’s autoimmune condition was relieved after he started taking CBD. After getting advice from a doctor, we added these softgels to his protocol.


Tonic OG

Transparency is a good thing when it comes to CBD companies, and TONIC does it right. Each product comes with a batch number to make it easy to see the analysis from a third-party test of the product.

Vertly Lip Butter

Hemp CBD-Infused Lip Balm

Using CBD lip balm was my first step toward incorporating CBD into my beauty routine. Vertly’s packaging is what first enticed me to try it. They only use American-grown hemp and add in three different butters to help moisturize.


CBD + Vaporizer – Aches

I had preconceived notions about vaping, but all of them were dispelled when I tried this vape pen. It gets extra points for the addition of essential oils, and the pen itself is discreet and fast-acting.

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Brooke Alpert

Brooke Alpert, M.S., R.D., C.D.N. is a certified holistic cannabis practitioner, a nationally recognized nutrition expert and a best-selling author. She is the founder of B Nutritious,, a private nutrition counseling and consulting practice in New York City. Brooke’s interest in cannabis, particularly in CBD came from trying to help her husband manage his debilitating autoimmune disease. Seeing what CBD could do for her husband, Brooke brought CBD into her private practice and saw many of her clients overall wellness improve. Having to navigate her husband and her clients through all the options and seeing how so many of the products out there were not adequate, lead Brooke to create her own brand of CBD products, called Daily Habit.

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