Reach Today's CBD Consumers

Like many consumers today, we believe that natural ingredients can play an important and positive role in a happy, healthy life. But the amount of information and, frankly, noise, is overwhelming. People need a trustworthy resource to help filter out the distractions and provide a fast-track path to information that matters to them and their families.

That’s why we’ve launched CBD Snapshot, a national consumer newsstand publication designed to guide people on their journey toward understanding the potential benefits cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) may bring to their lives.

CBD Snapshot offers prospective advertisers a marketing partnership that spans multiple platforms, capturing the attention of different audience segments. Studies show that audiences trust print more than any other medium, which is what makes the newsstand edition of CBD Snapshot so powerful. By bundling print advertising with digital offerings and in-person event experiences, brands will extend their reach to the widest possible audience.

Advertising with CBD Snapshot is an opportunity to:

  • Align with a world-class consumer publication devoted to sharing accurate information and raising awareness about CBD.
  • Connect with a targeted demographic eager to learn more about your products and invest in CBD products for themselves and their families.
  • Become a founding advertising partner with a premium media brand.
  • Take advantage of some of the most competitive advertising rates in the magazine industry.

Learn more on how you can partner with CBD Snapshot below.

For more information  contact:

Lisa Dodson
(812) 583-7021

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