How to Talk to Your Vet About CBD

How to Talk to Your Vet About CBD

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), in 1994, Americans spent $17 billion on their pets. By 2017, that number grew to $69.51 billion. The APPA estimates that spending could surpass $96 billion in sales by 2020, setting the stage for an increased demand in natural pet products.

Pet owners are hopeful CBD could be beneficial to help manage pain from arthritis and other conditions, reduce epileptic seizures, alleviate separation anxiety, expand mobility, improve cognitive function and lessen insomnia. 

As CBD breaks into the mainstream, some of the earliest adopters have been dog owners and their pups. They won’t be leading the pack for long, though. As more research surfaces, a variety of pets may benefit.

 “Vets everywhere are dealing with pet parents reaching out to them for information,” says Dr. Casara Andre, a veterinarian and founder of Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting, based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. “We were seeing this huge need and tried to address that need in our community. There are so many positive stories and anecdotal evidence about using cannabis in veterinary medicine.”

For many pet owners whose animals suffer from debilitating diseases or conditions, CBD-infused products may offer a shot at helping to alleviate their loved ones’ pain and discomfort. And new research is increasingly coming to light.

If you are a pet owner, you may be considering talking about cannabis with your veterinarian. Start with these quick tips from Andre. 

Before you visit…

Dr. Casara Andre, herself a vet and the founder of Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting, recommends asking the manufacturer of the particular pet product you’re interested in for a certificate of analysis (COA).

“The COA tells you…

“what is actually in that product,” Andre says, also recommending that pet parents bring the COA along with the product itself to their veterinarians.

“It will make that conversation… 

“go so much easier,” Andre says. “We want to know that the final product doesn’t contain something harmful.”

As your veterinarian knows… 

your pet well, he or she will be able to help you safely explore the potential of cannabis in your pet’s life.

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 issue of CBD Snapshot. Never miss a story; subscribe today

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