CBD Snapshot Welcomes Brooke Alpert as Editor-at-Large

CBD Snapshot Welcomes Brooke Alpert as Editor-at-Large

CBD is a hot topic these days, but many people struggle separating fact from fiction. Is it legal? Is it safe? Does it work? CBD Snapshot, a bi-monthly national newsstand print magazine, and CBDSnapshot.com aims to reduce the noise surrounding this plant-based wellness trend. Expert advice, research and reliable reporting serve as the foundation of our mission to illuminate the conversation on the topic of CBD for consumers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders alike.

As part of that mission, the CBD Snapshot team welcomes Brooke Alpert as editor-at-large. Alpert is a nationally recognized dietician and nutrition expert. The founder of B Nutritious, a private nutrition counseling practice in New York City, works with clients to create a healthy eating lifestyle tailored to their individual needs.

Like many, Alpert’s personal experience with CBD drew her into the space, but it ultimately sparked an interest to better understand its potential uses to aid a healthy lifestyle.

“CBD is the wellness vitamin that everybody can benefit from,” says the author of The Diet Detox and The Sugar Detox. Eager to educate people on the difference between a trend and a true wellness product, readers can expect regular updates and advice from Alpert in the pages of CBD Snapshot.

Pick up your copy of the inaugural issue, on newsstands this May.

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