4 Tips When Talking to Your Kids About CBD

4 Tips When Talking to Your Kids About CBD

Talking to my kids about my job as a dietitian was something I was not really concerned about. I would always steer the conversation to make sure it was less about dieting and weight loss and more about feeling better, but otherwise, it was an open dialogue. Once I became a certified cannabis practitioner and started my own CBD supplement company, Daily Habit, I realized that I’d have to be very proactive and specific in my conversations with my daughters about my work. This became especially evident after I found out she was telling her teachers at school that I work in the cannabis industry.

My oldest daughter is 10 years old. I knew that in her wellness classes at school they would soon be discussing drugs and all about saying no to drugs. I didn’t want her to hear about cannabis and be confused that her mom was working in that industry. I’ve always felt that the best way to have these conversations is to be as honest as I can while still being appropriate for her age. I’ve done the same when she asked about every other tough topic. So although I’m certainly not a parenting expert, I’ve been through this conversation with my own kids and many other parents looking for advice. Here are my tips for discussing CBD with your kids:

1. Be honest.

Nothing sets you up for distrust like being busted by your child for avoiding the truth.

2. Set the tone.

Remember that your tone literally sets the tone. There should be no stigma with using CBD, so don’t add any negative emotions to the dialogue.

3. Explain the conundrum.

It’s from a plant that may be used for medical or wellness reasons, and then it can also be used recreationally, which isn’t legal everywhere.

4. Explain why.

Let your child know why you’re using CBD. Stress, sleep, just to feel better, whatever it is— sharing the why will help to demystify.

These four points have certainly helped me with many tough conversations with my daughter, but they have been especially helpful for my ongoing dialogue with her about CBD. My goal is that by having such a relaxed and open discussion, it will set the tone for more conversations about CBD, cannabis or who knows what going forward. Parenting is stressful enough, talking about CBD shouldn’t be. Have you talked with your kids about CBD? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Brooke Alpert

Brooke Alpert, M.S., R.D., C.D.N. is a certified holistic cannabis practitioner, a nationally recognized nutrition expert and a best-selling author. She is the founder of B Nutritious, www.b-nutritious.com, a private nutrition counseling and consulting practice in New York City. Brooke’s interest in cannabis, particularly in CBD came from trying to help her husband manage his debilitating autoimmune disease. Seeing what CBD could do for her husband, Brooke brought CBD into her private practice and saw many of her clients overall wellness improve. Having to navigate her husband and her clients through all the options and seeing how so many of the products out there were not adequate, lead Brooke to create her own brand of CBD products, called Daily Habit.

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