How to Read a Certificate of Analysis

How to Read a Certificate of Analysis

In the largely unregulated CBD market, consumers are at an increased risk of purchasing a mislabeled, poorly developed or even harmful product. Many companies opt for third-party testing to give an accurate analysis of any trace amounts of psychoactive THC, the level of CBD concentration and whether any contaminants are present. If you’re considering a CBD product, ask the store owner or distributor for a certificate of analysis. Although each varies in design based on the individual lab, they should all have the following components:

1. Lab Accreditation Contact Information

This allows the consumer to contact the lab directly should anything on the analysis raise a red flag.

2. Product Information

Each certificate should include a batch number, product name and company name.

3. Proof of Timeliness

This includes the date the lab received the product, the date of testing and the date of analysis approval by the technician.

4. Cannabinoid Breakdown

Perhaps the most important part of the certificate is the list of cannabinoids present and their relative percentage of the overall product.

5. Contamination and Additive Breakdown

Hemp is a highly absorbent plant that can bring in toxins and chemicals from the soil where it’s grown. This can mean consumers may be exposed to harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and pesticides if they are present. The analysis should include a breakdown of any harmful chemicals that are present.

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    Thank you CBD Snapshot for such relevant information!!! Yes PLEASE research your source!! The company I’ve partnered with is US Hemp Authority Roundtable Certified CBD and we have batch testing reports available so you see EXACTLY what is in YOUR bottle!

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