CBD Spotlight: Kara Harms Finds Comfort

CBD Spotlight: Kara Harms Finds Comfort

San Francisco blogger Kara Harms spends several hours a day tapping away on her laptop keyboard to fashion her latest lifestyle and travel insights for readers. But with the pleasure of producing the Whimsy Soul blog comes physical pain.

Kara Harms, founder of Whimsy Soul

Harms, 27, says all of that time sitting in front of a computer has triggered chronic shoulder pain. She’s tried physical therapy, yoga, upper-body workouts, stretching and other ways to seek relief. But the pain lingers.

In early 2019, Harms decided to give CBD balm a shot. Every night, she applies a small dollop to her shoulders and neck. The balm hasn’t cured the pain, but it at least numbs it, she says.

Aside from what she describes as the fast-working nature of the CBD balm, Harms appreciates that it’s cheaper than sessions with a physical therapist or massage therapist. 

“I wish CBD was a thing when I was in college, because that was the other time in my life when I was hunched over a computer for extended hours at a time,” she says. “CBD balm has completely helped me in my everyday life. I’m not stopping blogging anytime soon, so I’m happy I found a treatment for the aches.”

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