13 Celebrities Who Use CBD

13 Celebrities Who Use CBD

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Celebrities are among the most influential advocates of emerging trends. So there is little doubt that the explosion of CBD products in the marketplace has, to some degree, been ignited by the famous names and faces who have adopted this natural remedy into their lifestyles.

Possibly one of the most heartfelt testimonial to the benefits of CBD is that of Michael J. Fox, best known for his role in Back to Future. He has Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disorder that affects movement. Tremors are the most noticeable effect of the disease, but it also causes stiffness and deceleration of mobility.

Early research indicates that CBD oil may be able to naturally raise the levels of dopamine without harmful side effects. The increased levels provide greater mobility, less shaking and seizures, and decreased pain around tender joints.

Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties—among other reported benefits—many nutrition and wellness experts believe that CBD should be incorporated into daily wellness routines.

“We have long known that, in certain circumstances, cannabinoids like CBD can help achieve and support a stable balance in our bodies, also known as homeostasis,” Dr. Anjali Dsouza of the District Center for Integrative Medicine said in an interview.

Nutritionist and CBD Snapshot editor-at-large Brooke Alpert says “CBD is the wellness vitamin that everybody can benefit from—for someone who feels great already, it’s just gonna make you feel better.”

“Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with CBD everything,” reality TV actress Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram.

“CBD helps with pain, stress and anxiety,” says former Friends star Jennifer Aniston. “It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high.”

The need for pain relief has encouraged Olivia Wilde, Kristen Bell, and Leighten Meester (Gossip Girl) to use CBD in the form of a balm, while Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls) and Mandy Moore (This is Us) use it on their feet to ease pain while walking the red carpet in high heels. This trend is becoming so popular that this year’s Oscar swag bag included CBD products.

Others rely on CBD to help with stress, depression and anxiety. Busy Phillips (Cougar Town), who continues to suffer from panic attacks, uses CBD to help combat the symptoms.

Another reported benefit of CBD is increased relaxation and sleep. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) use CBD to help them get a restful night of sleep.

Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly calls it her “new favorite morning chug,” providing her with an overall feeling of wellbeing along with mental clarity and focus.

The wide variety of supposed benefits stemming from CBD has made it a darling in the world of wellness. In fact, CBD has appeared on numerous wellness trend lists starting in 2018. According to Lord Jones Co-Founder Cindy Capobianco, “At the end of the day, even though CBD has become trendy, this is not a trend—it’s not even a movement. It’s a revolution.”

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